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Our school,currently attended by about 350 students,comprises:
1.Primary Music School-6 years of education
The students can choose the following instruments:violin,viola,piano,horn,clarinet,oboe,harp,guitar,doublebass,etc.
2.Secondary Music School-6 years of education
The students can also choose different instruments such as:violin,viola,clarinet,oboe,accordion,horn,trombone,flute,doublebass,harp,guitar,piano,basson,trumpet,etc,or study in the rhythmics department.
The school offers its students the opportunity to participate in the activities of various orchestral ensembles such as:
-The School Symphony Orchestra conducted by A.Kucybała
-The Children's Choir led by B.Olma
-The Female Choir led by Z.Pradela
-The Big Band led by T.Janiak
-string quartets,flute quartets,trombone quartets,the early music ensemble,etc.
3.The teachind staff includes about 100 teachers who work in the following sections:
-The String Section led by E.Więckowska
-The Section of Wind and Percussion Instruments led by R.Wojtala
-The Piano Section led by A.Podrez
-The Music Theory Section led by G.Krzanowska
-The General Subjects Section led by B.Maślanka.
4.B.Konsek coordinates the activities of The Music Subjects Section.
5.The School Council and The Parents'Council play a vital role in dealing with current problems that arise in our school.
6.Apart from educational activity,our school organises cultural events.Its talented students and teachers serve the local community by taking part in annual music events such as:
-The Festival of Polish Composers held in Bielsko-Biała
-The Autumn Music Festival ALKAGRAN held in Czechowice-Dziedzice
7.The school orchestral ensembles and soloists give concerts and recitals in The Bielsko-Biała Cultural Centre ,Sułkowski Castle and the school hall.
8.By conducting a wide range of educational and artistic activities our school meets the growing need for music events intended for children from the local schools and kindergartens.It also plays a major role in organising events for companies and institutions ,which are aimed at different audiences.
Our students,the performers of concerts,value their participation in them because they meet with recognition and gratitude.
9.Our graduates are members of numerous cultural institutions in bielsko-Biała such as The Bielsko-Biała Chamber Orchestra,The Bielsko-Biała Music Association,etc.
10.The school's contribution to the cultural development of Bielsko-Biała not only brings financial benefits but also promotes it.
11.the School symphony Orchestra is the pride of our school.Since 1982,A.Kucybała,the headmaster and conductor,has been making every effort to improve artistic standards.As a result,the number of concerts has increased and the programmes are more and more ambitious.
Establishing contacts with other music schools from abroad enabled the students to perform in Sweden,Germany,France,England,Italy,etc,make new acquaintances and form lasting friendships.We still invite conductors from other countries to cooperate with us.
Since 1993 The Music Theory Section has been maintaining regular contacts with professor Mathias Hermann from Stuttgart,whose lectures are greatly appreciated because of interesting topics and innovative approach.